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Engage With Your Audience

Effective visual design draws attention. Effective content writing keeps it.

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For companies looking to attract attention, and convert that attention into sales, you need a variety of content that engages, informs, and entices them into action. For some companies, that means stronger messaging on their website, sales literature, blog, or social media.

Realistically, we’re all writers. We’ve all written papers, emails, answers to questions, etc. However, the difficult piece comes in creating content that builds the foundation for people to want to do business with you.

Insert HyperX Design. With over two decades of sales experience ranging from Fortune 500’s to small business, we know how to speak sales. You know your business and we know sales. Together we’ll move you forward with richer content that engages your audience.

SEO company minneapolis

Content for Websites

One of the significant advantages to choosing us as your website designer is we are prepared to address any needs you may have regarding content. Are you lacking in content, and don’t have time to create it? That’s fine, we create a bulk of the content for even our lowest cost websites.

Want us to clean up or add to what you have? Works for us. We’ll help to target your customers and address their needs with well crafted content. There’s a balance between writing content for humans versus search engine algorithms, and we know how to walk the line.

All of our content written for websites is SEO friendly. We’ll make sure to include rich content, and keywords that are important to your business. Again, content is like food for the search engines to consume, and we want to make sure we’re feeding them the right information about your business.

SEO company minneapolis

Unique Content for Your Business

Companies that are struggling with messaging, or their messaging is outdated utilize our writing services for a variety of needs. Mission statements, sales literature, prospecting emails, form letter content, elevator pitches to quickly communicate value, are just a few of the areas that our writing services come into play.

We’ll jump in the trenches, get to know and understand your company, your services, your audience and your competition and come up with quality content for your company. You let us know your preferred style, whether it is formal/factual, or lighthearted and personable.

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Your Voice

This is your golden opportunity to connect with your audience. We’ll listen and learn from you before laying out the plan. Let’s take the nuts and bolts of what you do, and turn it into rich content that both the search engines, and your prospective customers gain value from.

We offer a variety of writing services for small and medium businesses.

  • Website Content

  • Blogs

  • Ad Copy

  • Metadata

  • Content for SEO

  • Tweets

  • Facebook posts

  • LinkedIn posts or announcements

  • PowePoint Presentations

  • Sales Prospecting emails

  • Sales scripts

  • Newsletters

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