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Effective design grabs attention, communicates value and triggers recall in your audience

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Look around, design is everywhere. Businesses invest in quality creative design because they want to make a great impression on potential clients. How well do your current marketing materials represent you, as a company?

Along with a professional website design, and the best SEO company working for you, quality marketing materials and graphics design can be just as essential to your success.

Logo Design

Ever seen a great website design with a horrible logo design? Your logo matters more than you might think it does. It’s the cornerstone of your brand; your identity. In an instant, perceptions are made about your company when someone views your logo. Color, shape, design, and font choices all influence perceptions about your company. This is not the place to cut corners. However, we find many small businesses are representing their brand with lackluster your brand and Does it represent you well, and are your employees proud to wear that logo on a hat or shirt? They should be!

Next, your sales and marketing materials are the face of your company and are out on the front lines of your business development efforts. Sales reps. leave marketing materials behind after sales calls, that often get tossed out with the trash. How do help your stand out?

If you’re a small business and have been getting by with homegrown logos, sales literature, letterhead, invoices, etc, let’s give you a look you can be proud of! All of these things matter because they have your name, your brand on them. Outdated logos or designs reflect poorly on you as a company, which often raises the question of quality.

Sadly, people just don’t have much patience and are quick to judge. Don’t let something as simple as a lack of professional creative design shut the door on potential new business. Again, we cater all of our services for small and medium businesses, and our prices are more affordable than you might think.

Our complete branding packages are designed to grab attention, inspire, are functional, and are consistent across all mediums (your website, business card, sales literature, logo, etc.). We’ll have everything working in tandem for you, and you’ll benefit from an improved image, and increased credibility.

SEO company minneapolis
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Logos & Letterhead

A few design ideas:

  • Logo Design

  • Corporate brochure

  • Flyers

  • Postcards

  • Sales literature

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Newsletters

  • Custom DVD design

  • Business cards

  • Custom branded invoice

  • Social media design

  • Professional photo editing / retouching

View our blog posting on Logo Design, which is an important subject for companies both large and small.

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