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If the goal of your website is to make you more visible, then you need SEO services. Hiring a website designer is a great start, but you won’t get to page 1 simply by having a great looking website. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) is what will move your website closer to the #1 position for your important searches. How does it happen?

Search engines reward sites they feel are the most relevant to each search by placing them at the top of the list. By having the right combination of ranking factors (and there are LOTS), you’ll begin to climb the Google ladder. This is SEO. We’ll work to help your website generate the right signals to make you more visible. Done properly, it takes a sustained, dedicated effort including optimizing both your website, and off-page activities.

Before we continue, if your website is a one page brochure, outdated, and not mobile friendly, or just plain ugly, we would strongly encourage to steer that budget towards a new website (click for example) before considering search engine optimization.


If you tried an SEO campaign for two or three months, then you really didn’t give it a chance to succeed. If you tried it out for four to six months, you might have given it enough time to show some results, but remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. If you stuck it out for twelve months with no results, than there are other issues to consider. 1. Wrong SEO firm. There are a lot of “SEO specialists” that are great at collecting monthly checks, but not so great at execution. This is a landscape that is continually changing, and many people don’t keep up, or work very hard.  2. You spent too little. What? Yes, if you tried to get off on the “cheap” with a bargain basement SEO plan…..well……you get what you pay for!

We hear this often from business owners, and if you don’t need more business, then we wouldn’t recommend SEO as a strategy. Word of mouth marketing is fantastic, but in reality, there are far more people searching for your services online than your customers can reach with referrals. A proper SEO strategy will complement your word of mouth marketing nicely, and potentially deliver more leads than your referral network. People trust Google, and this is the starting point for a vast majority of searches.

In this case Google AdWords or Pay Per Click may bet the better option for you. Years ago, you could “trick” the system with black hat SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing and buying backlinks (also called link farming). These tactics will get you blacklisted today. Anyone who guarantees you quick results with SEO isn’t being truthful, or worse, doesn’t understand how SEO works.  This is a process that takes time, but one that will bear a lot of fruit along the way.

“I’ve already done SEO” or “I think we’re good now”. We hear these often. Of course it’s your business and you can initiate or pull the plug on any service you would like. We’ll make the best recommendation we can for you depending on the situation. With SEO, there is no “point of arrival”. Hypothetically, even if you were crushing it, and all important key words were ranking #1, if you take your foot off the throttle, and your competitors become more active, you will fall. The battle really begins once you’re at the top, as competitors often increase their SEO budgets to try to knock you down.

Many people assume that an SEO campaign without #1 rankings is a failure. Depending on your product or industry, #1 rankings for all (or in some cases ANY) of your key words may not be reality. Instead, let’s focus on the goal of increased traffic, better engagement on your site, and higher conversions. THIS is what pays the bills.

Quality is much better than quantity here. More isn’t always better, or in some cases can have the reverse effect, if you have a lot of duplicate content. As long as a page offers value and quality content for your visitors, it’s worth having. Quality really matters, and Google takes this into consideration when crawling through your site.

Quality links are important, yes…..but it’s not the only thing that matters. Far from it. Google’s algorithm for ranking websites is extremely complicated, and like KFC’s recipe, it’s held tightly under lock and key. There are many other factors that impact a site’s ranking (titles, social, content, meta content and a proper dose of your keywords. The SEO landscape has evolved so much over the years, that the days of buying links and seeing instant results are LONG gone. And that’s a good thing!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a component of Search Engine Optimization services, but we also offer standalone Social Media Marketing services. We hear this all of the time: “I don’t need or care about Facebook. My customers don’t use it”. You may not care about it, but the search engines do. Active social media accounts feed the search engines content, which is then used to increase your visibility. Still not interested in social media? That’s fine, but your visibility will continue to suffer, and your competitors will thank you for it.  Here are a few popular sites we utilize.


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SEO isn’t rocket science, but it sure has a lot of moving parts and pieces! No one knows the exact recipe that Google and Bing use in their search engines, but we do know there are over 200 variables that affect your rankings.

Having a pretty website isn’t enough. You need proper content, site structure, on-page optimization (titles, meta content, alt-tags, etc.) as well as proper “off page” content.

Examples of this: social media, relevant industry websites, directory submissions, etc. Websites are rewarded by the search engines for maintaining rich, relevant and consistent activity online, and by having other websites point to yours as the authority on your subject matter. Sound confusing?

Here are some resources on SEO

There are a lot of misunderstandings about search engine optimization, and how it works. In this article, we attempt to break down SEO into it’s simplest form.

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