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Affordable Websites Have Never Been This Good!

In less than one second, your website visitors will form their first impression about your business

Your website is your image. Prospects, customers, and potential employees immediately form an opinion of your business based on your website. Does your website capture these visitors, or send them to your competitors?

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Think of your own experience when doing an internet search. What assumptions do you make when you land on an outdated website that you have to pinch and zoom to view on your phone or iPad, or a website that was tossed together by the Office Manager? Most likely none of them are good. Things like “I wonder if these guys are still in business”, or “business must not be very good here”, or just “yikes”, come to mind. Next, you hit the back button, and go straight to one of their competitors. That’s just how it works. Outdated, poorly designed websites are great for your competitor’s business, but bad for yours.

SEO company minneapolis

Affordable Websites that sell!

We help turn “online brochures” into true sales and marketing engines. Don’t be bashful! This is your golden opportunity to tell the world what you’re good at and why they should choose your company over your competitors. So often, companies miss the boat with bland, boring subject matter, acronyms and industry-specific jargon that mean nothing to their audience.

We help companies to craft their messaging, and capture more visitors. In fact, time and time again, we’ve been proven right that your website can be your number one sales rep! It never sleeps, gets sick or goes on vacation, and done properly, will spark new sales opportunities for you. This is low hanging fruit, and the best bang for buck investment many companies can make, often with near immediate ROI. We’ll do a great job for you, and our affordable websites will look great, and be easy on your pocketbook!

Affordable Websites Need Security Too!

Website security is always a concern, and we will embed and configure an industry leading firewall to keep you safe. Just like the software you use at work everyday, the best protection against hackers is to make sure your software has the most recent security patches, and you have a firewall guarding your front door. The same holds true for your website, so if security is a concern, we offer a base-level maintenance plan that will keep your site updated.

Web Hosting

More than likely you won’t need to change your web hosting provider. There’s a chance we might need to move you to a proper plan that supports WordPress websites, but that generally has minimal effect on your pricing, if any, and we’ll take care of all of the details in advance. We do not offer or resell hosting plans as part of our standard website design service.

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Frequently asked questions

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What’s the Process?

Our process starts with one very simple question: “What is the goal of your website?”. Your answer sets the ball in motion, as that gives us our mission. Now how do we get there? First, we need to get to know about your business. Your core products, services, targeted audience, reach, styling preferences, etc. Next, comes the mockup stage where we’ll present to you an overall look/feel and solicit your feedback. We check in with you every step of the way, so when we cross the finish line together, there are no surprises.

Site’s Done. Now What?

That’s completely up to you. Many of our clients choose our annual website maintenance program, which ensures their websites are patched and up to date, for a nominal fee. Additionally, we’ll take care of simple site updates.

Another option is to simply call us as you need us, and we’re always happy to work on a project by project basis. The third option, is that you choose to manage your website yourself. If you’re unfamiliar with WordPress, the dashboard is relatively user friendly, and with a quick overview via GoToMeeting, we can hand the keys over to you. Below is a brief video that give give you a glimpse of the WordPress dashboard.

If one of the objectives of your website is to make you more visible, then we’ll definitely suggest some form of marketing to accomplish that, for example, SEO services. In addition to designing affordable websites, we also offer affordable SEO services for our website clients, and are happy to give you the information to make an informed decision. Similar to our website design service, the best SEO services don’t have to mean the most expensive SEO services.

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